2 shafts center type winding, suitable for slitting diffused film, reflective film, polarizing film, brightness enhancement film, various PET, etc.  (Suitable to use in a 10,000 level clean room)

Machine Width 1.0M/1.3M/1.6M
Max. Unwind O.D 800mm
Rewind Core I.D 3” / 6”
Min. Slitting Width 150mm
Max. Rewind O.D 600mm
Machine Speed 100M / Min

  1. Equipped with connected shaftless type unwind base, the shorter web flow is able to reduce material loss.
  2. Equipped with auto web guide and auto unwind tension controller system.
  3. Splice table has a press bar to hold the web while splicing the material.  
  4. Driven by connective 3 A.C motors; the rewind tension system can be converted and controlled either by the air shaft or the differential shaft. 
  5. Rewind is a center type winding. Finished rolls unloaded by a connected swing out type unloading rack.
  6. Slitting by shear cutter and razor blade, which are interchangeable for various material converting.
  7. Trim unit is a traverse type rewinder which collects waste materials much efficiently.
  8. Central system is controlled by PLC unit with LCD touch panel, which is user friendly all data setting.

Optional Parts
Differential Shaft
Able to adjust core slipping individually to make perfect tensions on each finished roll to overcome uneven web thickness.
Special Unwind Base
Separated unwind base with shaftless hydraulic core chuck is available as well as a splicing table & an inspection lighting device.