Surface type winding, suitable for slitting various fax thermal papers, registered & recording papers.

Machine Width 0.7M/1.0M
Max. Unwind O.D 1000mm
Rewind Core I.D 12mm- 50mm
Min. Slitting Width 30mm
Max. Rewind O.D 200mm
Machine Speed 200M / Min

  1. Equipped with separated shaft type unwind base and auto unwind tension controller, which has user friendly operation.
  2. Rewind is controlled by 3 surface rollers and surface tension is adjustable for different materials and requests.
  3. Power by A.C motor control, which enable an automatic process from paper adherence to mark making at the end of each finished roll.
  4. Equipped with 2 sets of mark making devices with choice to print in the front or the back side. 
  5. Equipped with shear cutter, which is suitable for slitting various materials. Trim unit is a suction blower design power by A.C. motor control, which collects waste materials much efficiently.
  6. Central system is controlled by PLC unit with LCD touch screen, which is user friendly for all data setting.

Optional Parts
Unwind Pick-Up Lift
For loading jumbo roll on the machine quickly and efficiently.
Web Guide
To keep web wound out at one position, choosing either E.P.C or L.P.C (printed web use)
Web Cut-Off Device
Manual circular blade cutting with auto glue coating for fast adherence.