Suitable for slitting/rewinding various adhesive tapes.
(This machine is applicable to both adhesive & non-adhesive materials, please confirm upon purchase)

Machine Width 150mm / 300mm
Max. Unwind O.D 500mm
Rewind Core I.D 77mm
Min. Slitting Width 5mm
Max. Rewind O.D 300mm
Machine Speed 120M/Min

  1. The web is able to move right or left during the wound out process.
  2. Driven by 3 connective A.C motors; the rewind tension system is able to convert and controlled by either the air shaft or the differential shaft.
  3. Slitting by shear cutter, which is designed for various material cutting.
  4. Rewind type is a center-surface winding, pressure roller is adjustable on different requests.
  5. Central system is controlled by PLC unit with LCD touch screen, which is user friendly for all data setting.

Optional Parts
Web Guide
If material is printed or jumbo roll is not neat on the edge, it is able to add on an “Edge Position Controller “(EPC) or a “Line Position Controller “(LPC) for precise rewinding.
Splice Table
Web splicing with pneumatic clamps & vacuum suction device to connect material neatly.
Differential Shaft
Able to adjust core slipping individually to make perfect tensions on each finished roll to overcome uneven web thickness.
Trim Removable Unit
Power driven rewinder for effective waste collection of non-adhesive materials.