2 shafts center type winding, suitable for slitting/rewinding various label stocks, papers & laminated material, etc.  (The model for slitting/rewinding various adhesive tapes is EST)

Machine Width 1.0M/1.3M/1.6M
Max. Unwind O.D 800mm(C) / 1000mm(S)
Rewind Core I.D 3” & 6”
Min. Slitting Width 25mm
Max. Rewind O.D 400mm / 600mm
Machine Speed 250M / Min

  1. Either connected or separated unwind base with shaft or shaftless type for option. Automatic web guide for web inline correction and automatic tension control system. 
  2. Driven by 3 connective A.C motors; the rewind tension system is able to convert and controlled by either the air shaft or the differential shaft.
  3. Center type winding; as rewind O.D grows bigger the rewind arm will move along automatically. The design is to keep the shortest distance between the shaft and the finished rolls for flawless rewinding.
  4. Finished rolls are unloaded by a connected swing out type unloading rack for quick and safe roll unloading. 
  5. Slitting by shear cutter and razor blade, which are interchangeable for various material converting. Material trimming unit is a suction blower design, powered by A.C motor control. 
  6. Central system is controlled by PLC unit with LCD touch screen, which is user friendly for all data setting.

Optional Parts
Special Rewind Shaft
Differential shaft to obtain optimal tension on each winding roll.
Unwind Pick-Up Lift
For loading jumbo roll on the machine quickly and time saving.
Trim Removable Unit
Two sides rewinder for effective waste collection. ( For film material)
Connected Splice Table
Splice table is available for varied degree to suit your requirement.
Special Unwind Base
Either connected or separated type unwind base can choose shaftless hydraulic core chuck for quick and safe jumbo roll loading.
Core Positioning Mold
This device helps to line up paper core in position much efficiently and precisely.