4 shafts auto turret exchange, suitable for slitting/rewinding OPP packaging & stationery tapes.

Machine Width 1.0M/1.3M/1.6M/2.0M
Max. Unwind O.D 800mm
Rewind Core I.D 26 – 77mm
Min. Slitting Width 12mm
Max. Rewind O.D 150mm
Machine Speed 200M / Min

  1. Equipped with connected unwind base, which is designed for space saving and ease of operation.
  2. Rewind by 4 shafts exchange system to obtain optimum production capacity.
  3. Slitting by razor blade, applicable to various film tapes slitting.
  4. Driven by one A.C motor with PLC central control system.
  5. All functions operate under LCD touch panel control, which is user friendly for all data setting.   
  6. Rewind tension is controlled by spring clutch, it co-operates with differential shafts which works to better control each roll tension to overcome uneven web thickness. 
  7. Finished rolls unload and paper cores reload are completed by a core loader to increase production efficiency.

Optional Parts
Core Alum. Mold
It is necessary when slitting different sizes, any sizes can be made upon request.
Unwind Pick-Up Lift
For loading jumbo roll on the machine quickly and safely.
Tabbing Device
Automatic tabbing on the web without stopping the machine.
Noise Reduction Hood
For attenuating the production sound during the operation.