Single shaft center type winding, suitable for inspecting & laminating BEF, DBEF, TDF, etc. 
(Available for two layers lamination and 1 or 2 or 3 stages inspection)

Machine Width 1.3M/1.6M
Rewind Core I.D 3” / 6”
Machine Speed 30M/Min

  1. Max. Unwind O.D : 900mm 2nd Unwind O.D : 350mm
  2. Max. Rewind O.D : 900mm Film Rewind O.D : 500mm
  3. Unwind base equipped with shaftless chuck & splice table, which reduce material loss from changing jumbo rolls. 
  4. Unwind tension is controlled by auto diameter counting system with dance roller which controls material wound out at a stable tension pace.
  5. After material wound out, it takes off protection films and rewind them immediately, then material goes through to clean room for inspection.  There are 3 inspection tables for inspecting from different angles and brightness.
  6. After inspection, it laminates the protection films on material again then rewinding into finished roll.
  7. Driven by connective two A.C motors, one for web feeding, one for rewinding which automatically increasing torque on the rewind shafts when the finished roll O.D is getting bigger and it is also adjustable from 0 ~ 100%.
  8. All functions are controlled by PLC and operated under LCD touch panel control, which is easy for all data setting.