2 shafts auto exchange, suitable for rewinding various self-adhesive tapes.

Machine Width 1.3M/1.6M
Max. Unwind O.D 800mm
Rewind Core I.D 77mm
Max. Rewind O.D 300mm
Machine Speed 120M / Min.

  1. Rewind Core I.D : 38mm core is only available on 1.3M unit
  2. Equipped with connected shaft type unwind base, in which the design is ease for operation and space saving.
  3. Equipped with auto tension controller and surface type lay on roller to make web wound out smoothly.
  4. Driven by 2 A.C motors, one for web feeding, one for rewind tension control, in which the torque increased automatically on the rewind shafts as finished roll grows in diameter. 
  5. Center type winding with surface pressure roller is able to rewind various materials upon different requests.
  6. Auto air filling on the shaft before rewinding and auto air deflating after preset length is reached.
  7. All functions operate under LCD touch panel control, which is user friendly for all data setting.
  8. Central control system is operated by PLC program and all electrical devices conform to the latest European CE regulation for safety operation. 

Optional Parts
Unwind Pick-Up Lift
For loading jumbo roll on the machine quickly and time saving.
Tabbing Device
Automatic tabbing on the web without stopping the machine.
Noise Reduction Hood
For attenuating the production sound during the operation.
Slitting Device
Able to equip with air score knife for wider size slitting. Trim removable unit is also available for trimming material on both ends.