Suitable for cutting masking, double sided, foam & cloth tapes, etc.

Min. Cutting Width 2mm
Max. Cutting O.D 400mm
Paper Core I.D 26-77mm

  1. Cutting shaft and circular blade are driven by A.C motor with inverter control, which is able to set RPM and running direction forward/reverse upon setting.
  2. Width setting is controlled by servo motor with ball screw and guide rails for precise movement.
  3. All functions are operated under LCD touch panel control, which is operator friendly for all data setting.
  4. Central control system is by PLC unit, in which it has material cutting memory mode and all electrical devices  conform to the latest European CE regulation for safety operation.
  5. Knife feeding is controlled by servo motor and cutting speed is adjustable in 3 stages.
  6. Equipped with auto knife angle adjustment controlled by servo motor, cutting angle is adjustable from –8 to +8 degree per setting to achieve neat and smooth cutting surface.  
  7. Laser positioning device is designed for optimum aiming precision.
  8. Slide moving type safety cover to provide safety working environment and to protect operator during production.



Optional Parts
Other Size Cutting Shaft
It can be made as per required core I.D.
Cutting Supporter
For supporting cutting core below 38mm.
Air Type Cutting Shaft
To improve cutting accuracy when the tolerance of paper core I.D is too big.
Sharpening Device
This device is equipped by the circular blade to save time from taking blade off for maintenance.